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The Play That Goes Wrong (Live)

The Play That Goes Wrong (Live)





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“The Play That Goes Wrong” is an explosive combination of comedy theatre, pantomime and improvisation, spiced up with spectacular and very funny stage effects. The actors are acting in a play (a detective – film noir comedy) where the accidents and the unforeseen situations are coming up one right after the other. The actors keep it up with courage and humor to the avalanche of disasters and try to follow through with the show until the end.

The set is slowly deteriorating until total destruction in the end. The show is a new style and brand of comedy for the Romanian public. From the set, to the costumes, props and special effects, this vision played at Grand Cinema & More on the Epika Stage will follow thoroughly the West end version of the show.

Sandra - Ada Gales/Andreea Samson

Ana - Ilona Brezoianu/Andreea Mateiu

Cristi - Vlad Logigan/Dan Radulescu

Robert - Razvan Oprea/Pavel Barsan

Tavi - Silviu Mirceascu/Adrian Anghel

Denis - Angel Popescu/Andrei Mateiu

Ionut - Marin Grigore/Radu Micu

Max - Bogdan Cotlet/Catalin Babliuc

Dear audience, please take into consideration that the positioning of the decor partially affects the visibility of the seats on the ends of the lines located in the first part of the auditorium.

For this show we are offering 2 tickets for people with disabilities. The tickets will be issued strictly on the day of the show.

Due to very high demand, the reservations for this event will expire 10 days before the show date. To avoid losing your reserved seats, please purchase your tickets until this date.


Pentru a-ţi rezerva biletul, selectează mai întâi ora dorită din lista de mai jos.

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