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Pam Pam Petrecere Cu Peripetii

Pam Pam Petrecere Cu Peripetii


Live on stage



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The show tells the story of three friends personified by musical instruments: Pia-the piano, Vio- the violin and Kito- the guitar who have fun at Kito's birthday party, together with the playful mascots Pam-Pam the Penguin and Bum-Bum the Panda Bear. The party planned by Kito's two friends, Pia and Vio, is sure to be one to remember! A high party in a hot air balloon! Kito enjoys the surprise the girls have prepared and together they decide to travel around the world to see Ivan, Kito’s Russian friend.

The spectators are invited to be part of the actors journey to the most exciting parties around the globe, accompanied by specific music and dances from India, China and the African continent. The message of the show is to spread joy, because the greatest fun you can have is the journey to find new friends in every corner of the world. Together we will learn that language, nationality, appearance, or social status barriers do not exist, because every party is a reason for children to play and have fun together!

Due to the high demand for tickets the reservations for this event will expire 4 days before the start of the show. To avoid losing the reserved seats, please buy your tickets up to this date.

For this show we are offering 2 tickets for people with disabilities. The tickets will be issued strictly on the day of the show.


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