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Grand Entertainment’s website Terms of use:

  • 1. Website’s content
  • 2. Website’s use
  • 3. Baneasa Developments SRL’s limitation of liability
  • 4. Confidentiality policy
  • 5. Grand Cinema & More’s regulation

1. Website’s content

1.1. The information published on the website is for general interest regarding Grand Entertainment (property of Baneasa Developments), the products and services marketed in Grand Entertainment, including its partners and other information considered by Baneasa Developments a general interest for the users.

1.2. Baneasa Developments is the recipient of all the copywrights of the website, respectively its design and content, as well as all the Trademarks registered in its name and published on the website

1.3. The user has the obligation to respect Baneasa Developments’ copywrights as well as its partners promoted on the website, according to the legislation in force.

2. Website’s use

2.1. The user has the obligation to access and use the website in non-abusive ways and means.

3. Baneasa Developments SRL’s limitation of liability

3.1. Baneasa Developments is not and it can not be made responsible for the prejudices created by the errors, lack of accuracy or the failure to update the information published on the website that come from external sources.

3.2. Where the prices  or other details regarding the products and promotions were wrongly displayed, including the fact that they were wrongly entered in the data base, we take the right to cancel the promotion and notice the client by phone/e-mail in the shortest time, after the error.

3.3. The products’ prices displayed on the website are informative and can suffer unannounced modifications. The promotions displayed on the website are available in the mentioned period of time / where a period of time is not mentioned, their availability depends on the limited stock on hand.

3.4. Also, the images presented on the site are only as an example, and the delivered products may differ in any way, both image and design, without preliminary notice. 

Baneasa Developments reserves the right to complete and modify, at any time, any information on the website.
3.5. Any problem caused by the products and services presented on the website will be friendly solved in 15 working days starting the day of the user’s written complaint.
3.6. Baneasa Developments is not responsible for any loss, costs, processes, claims, expenses or any other liabilities, in case they are caused directly by the failure to follow the present terms.

3.7. Baneasa Developments nu raspunde pentru prejudiciile create ca urmare a nefunctionarii Site-ului precum si pentru cele rezultand din imposibilitatea de accesare a anumitor link-uri publicate pe Site.

3.8. Baneasa Developments is not responsible for the prejudices created by the malfunction of the website as well as for those resulting from the imposibility to access some links published on the website.

3.9.The use of the internet browser. Baneasa Developments guarantees the optimal usage of the website through Internet Explorer (at least the 8th version)

4. Confidentiality policy

4.1. The access of the website – involves the users’ permission that their personal data (in case they are requested in the special fields on the website) to be kept and processed by the Baneasa Developments. The purposes of the data collecting are: to create a data base for statistics, to inform about the Baneasa Developments promotions or other promotions or activities of Baneasa Developments through any means (mail, e-mail, phone, SMS etc.). Baneasa Developments S.R.L is the only owner of the information collected on this website. Baneasa Developments S.R.L undertakes that the personal data will not be distributed to others through sale, partial disclosure or renting. Still, in the base of some confidentiality agreements, the collected personal data can be presented to directed marketing operators who perform various activities, accepted by Baneasa Developments.

4.2.The data collecting -  is made through various ways and specific tools like: the traffic monitoring software, the newsletter management application, saving the contact forms in the data base which are filled by users through online forms etc.

We use the IP adresses to analyze the browsing habbits, administer the website, track the users’ needs and to gather demographical information for internal use. All of this methods aim to enhance the website’s user experience and to display relevant information, according to users’ needs.
4.3. Restricted access and (un)subscription – there are areas in the website that require signing up (see Sign up) or subscription (see Newsletter). In the newsletter’s case, each edition/alert has the possibility to unsubscribe; once this option is chosen, the user is automatically unsubscribed, without further confirmations.

Depending on the type of registration (create an account, subscribe to a newsletter, crediting online form application), the user may have to fill in some information like: first name, last name, email, adress, phone number etc. This data is used to ID, validate and fill in the subscriber account.

4.4. Cookies – The website uses cookies, in the shape of data stored on the user’s hard drive, containing information about him. The usage of the cookie mechanism is an advantage for the users, because it can facilitate and save some browsing options like the language, the filters, the name of the user and his password for the website. Should the user doesn’t accept a cookie, he still can browse the website and read its content. With cookies, the owners of the website can monitor and separate the interests of the users for some areas or applications of the website, which allows the improvement of the navigation experience, offering a relevant content for the user etc. Some of our business partners use cookies on our website, for example, advertisers. Yet, Baneasa Developments cannot access and control these cookies.

4.5. Links – this website contains links to other websites. Baneasa Developments S.R.L is not responsible for the confidentiality policy practiced by this websites. We reccomend that you read the legal terms and all the other information about the personal data collecting. The terms above apply only to the information collected on this website.

4.6.Notifications and actions regarding the user data according to the 677/2001 Law, the users are granted access and intervention over this data, the right to not be subjected to a individual decision and the right to go to court. In the same time, users have the right to oppose the usage of their personal data and have the right to ask for the data deletion. To use these rights, users can send a written request, dated and signed by mail to the company’s adress.

4.7. The notification of changes – If the user’s ID is changing (e.g. the zip code) or if a user wants to give up the website’s services, his data will be corrected, updated or deleted. This can be made on the registration page, or by an email sent at Any change of this present policy will be communicated to users by email, so that they can be always informed regarding the collected data, the way of use and in what circumstances, if they exist, are made public. Users will be given the option to agree or not with the possibility of using this data in other means. The information will be used according to the policy under which they were collected.

4.8. Security -  this website adopts all the security measures necessary to protect the personal information of our users. When filling in the personal data on our website, the information will be protected both online and offline. All the personal data will be processed through secured pages which use the SSL encription system, marked with a padlock, placed in the bottom part of the Internet Explorer Browser’s window. 
4.9.Baneasa Developments SRL is registered as a personal data operator at the People’s Attorney with the number 8559. Agreeing this presend document of the „Confidentiality policy”, users totally assume potential risks.

5. Grand Cinema & More’s regulation

5.1. This Regulation (further named „Regulation”) contains the internal rules and regulations necessary and mandatory for the proper conduct of the activity in Grand Cinema & More (further named GCM).

5.2. The purpose of the Regulation is to ensure GCM’s good operation, under a relaxed, pleasant ambient, based on good faith and respect for law, to visitors as well as employees of GCM.

5.3. The rules of the Regulation apply to all GCM visitors, as well as the personnel that works in GCM.

5.4. The access of visitors inside GCM is allowed every day, starting at 10:00 AM until closing time at most.

5.5. The working schedule can be modified by GCM management, who can set free days or, for some marketing campaigns, can extend the working schedule.

5.6. It is forbidden to enter the cinema with pets, fire guns, weapons, hazardous chemicals, flammable substances, rollers, bicycles, scooters.

5.7. Also, the access will be restricted for people who have indecent outfit or indecent or aggresive behaviour, people under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances.

5.8. Smoking or alcoholic drink consumption inside GCM is permitted only in special areas.

5.9. Taking photos or filming for commercial purpose inside GCM is allowed only with a written agreement from the BSC managers.

5.10. In case of fire or any other events that can endanger the life or physical integrity of the customers, the visitors must rigurously respect the indications of GCM personnel, trained to act in such situations.

5.11. Access in cinema rooms will be permitted 10 minutes before the movie starts on the base of entrance tickets or invitations available for the show. Spectators will not occupy any other seats than those submitted on their tickets or invitations.

5.12. GCM discounts of the prices of the tickets are available for students and retired people, based on an original supporting document (passport / bead pension) available for the current year. The owner needs to present the document at the cash point and also at the entrance in the cinema auditoriums.

5.13. People who have a disability certificate benefits of two free tickets (one for him and one for the caregiver).

5.14. GCM customers that choose to book their tickets have the responsibility to pay and pick up the tickets at least 30 minutes before the movie starts, otherwise the booking will be cancelled.

5.15. The deadline of booking cancellation for theater, opera, ballet, stand-up or concerts is subject to different conditions from those mentioned in the previous paragraph and are listed on the GCM site.

 5.16. GCM reserves the right to deny changing the tickets if this is solicited in less than 30 minutes before the show starts. Concession products will not be returned or changed after the receipt is issued.

5.17. The receipt must be kept until you leave GCM.

5.18. Through Concession, GCM offers a wide range of food and refreshments that can be consumed in theaters. Therefore, the access with other refreshments or food inside the rooms will be restricted.

5.19. Some movies have age restrictions, as following:





GCM has the right to prevent access to such films for people who can not present an ID card to prove the age requirement. Moreover, regardless of the age restriction, GCM will prohibit access within theaters to all minors who are not accompanied by an adult.

5.20. Movies are preceded by commercials and trailers, the advertising block has a duration of 15 minutes. Grand Cinema & More reserves the right to:

• cancel a movie if there are no tickets sold 10 minutes before the movie starts;

• refrain from selling tickets for people under the influence of alcohol and/or people who are disturbing public peace;

• refuse selling tickets to people who have previously broken the internal rules and regulations or were caught in diversion attempts;

• evacuate without a refund anyone who records without authorisation the movies and shows playing in the cinema, who uses mobile phones during the shows, disturbs public peace and has broken the internal rules and regulations of the cinema, without a refund. In case of a severe situation, that person will be given in custody to a police officer;

• Grand Cinema & More assumes no liability for lost objects or objects forgotten in the cinema;

• restrain access in the cinema auditorium for people carrying large gym bags or other large items that obstruct the movement of others through the ranks.

Art.21. GCM can modify this Regulation at any time if considered necessary.

Baneasa Developments SRL is a personal data operator notified under the 8559 number.

According to the 677/2001 law for the protection of the people regarding the personal data processing and the free circulation of these data, modified and completed, Baneasa Developments SRL has the obligation to manange in safe conditions and only for the mentioned ways, the personal data which you fill in, a member of your family or other person.

The data collecting help users to gain a member account in the Grand Cinema & More website.

Your refusal to provide complete information causes the rejection of the application.

The recorded information are destined for the operator’s use and are communicated only to: contractual partners who manage the e-mail marketing campaigns and market studies, and to the companies in our group. These information is transmitted based on the Confidentiality Agreements.

According to the 677/2001, you have the right to access, modify the data and not be subjected to a individual decision. In the same time, you have the right to oppose the personal data processing and ask for their deletion. For the exercise of these rights, you can file a written request, dated and signed, adressed to Baneasa Developments SRL, Bucuresti-Ploiesti street, nr 43A, sector 1, in the Marketing department. Also, you have the right to go to court.

Baneasa Developments SRL is a personal data operator notified under the 8559 number.

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