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The place where we create great parties for our smallest guests

Right in the middle of our playful Whale in Grand Play, there’s a special area dedicated to the moments that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives: their parties and anniversaries. Here, you can organize your kid’s birthday in a place which can accommodate all his friends and all the fun he can dream of: animators, magicians, face painters, interactive games and theme contests.

We’re here to provide everything you need for a perfect party, from the special guest menus to the materials necessary for the creative workshops. And, most importantly, you can decide every detail regarding your party, including what type of decorations to use and what message to have on the cake.

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Want to host your own party?


We’re ready to offer the full experience

A children’s party in Grand Play means three whole hours of fun, dedicated staff for your little guests, personalized invitations, balloons, water, juice and food for the children, plus presents both for the birthday kid and his guests. And at the end, you will receive as souvenir a photo frame personalized with a picture from the party.

*Prices:50 Lei / guest during the week
60 Lei / guest in week-ends

*Prices available for a minimum of 10 guests.


Looking for extra-fun?

We are ready to provide your child and his guests with a lot a creative activities:

Pack 1: ceramics, modelling clay, bracelets – 15 Lei / guest Pack 2: masks and greeting cards, painting mold – 20 Lei / guest Pack 3: treasure chests, large painting, hand painted T-shits – 30 Lei / guest

Plus, you can add to the program a puppet show, a magic show or even one with clowns and dancers!

The the full list of options

Choose your decorations!

Any good party needs a bit of color. That’s why we’ve prepared a long list of decorations which can cheer up your child’s party. You can choose anything from banners and party hats to special costumes and other surprises, like the jumbo balloon or the colorful pinata.

See the full list of decorations

Try out the party menu

If you’re thinking about your little guests’ energy, we can include in the party pack a selection of fresh and delicious foods prepared by us, plus the „must have” of any anniversary: tasty cake and cookies. And if you want to add a touch of uniqueness to the party, we can also provide your with a candy, fruit or snack bar, all personalized with the name of the guest of honor.

See the full list of food

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