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Grand Vlog

Until now, we kept our love for movies only for us; consequently, using this video blog, we intend to „contaminate” with this passion all of those people who wish to follow us.

And we intend to do so with every movie, bit by bit, with honest reviews, humour and pertinent reccomandations for movies and shows, all to be seen here, in our Grand Cinema & More.

Ramona Popescu, Vloger

Ramona Popescu

I am a little shy, so I hope that this Grad Vlog experience will reduce that (as I read somewhere, Alexis Bledel took drama lessons in order to get rid of bashfulness. Ok, well she was also with 20 years younger, but anyway J).

I am a deffinitelly an optimistic person. I have always seen the full part of the glass, the donnut and not the hole of it, and if the house is burning, at least it is warm and cosy.

There are thousand of things that fascinated me – colors, cotton candy, sandals, life in a tent, fluffy animals, bracelets, pastas, sun flower and lavender, the snow flakes, traditional patters, cinnemon coffee, little shiny lights, happy and cheerfull people, music, my friends, ginger beer, animated stuff, vanilla, Björk, fantasies, the sun, Spanish language, to be able to help, amandines, dresses, sand, that crazy and stupid talks, Van Gogh, glitter, Murakami’s books, ongoing trips, on which you are constantly moving (each day you are in a new place, saying hi to people on the way, without any regrets for the place that you have left behind, because a new one is just waiting to be discovered), movies that make me cry, make me laugh and ones that scare me a little bit, movies that make me wonder, which bring me to feel like I am „a rock into a shoe”, as Mr. Von Trier used to say. Ok, I addmitt, all good movies, generally.

Movies are just magical. In the same way as books, movies have the power to guide you into a lot of journeys, to come across many caracters (which so many times remain close to you, almost like real friends) and take you into situations not experienced in real life. Movies are opening for you new horizons, they teach you and show you the good things that we all are capable of (or the bad ones, as well), they are like some extensions of life. Through every character, you live a new adventure - you are close to the Hobbit when he should throw the ring from the mountain or you hold your breath when Korben Dallas lights the only matchstick left; you feel on your skin the Christian’s drama tension when he told us that the woman I loved is… dead; you are crying like hell even The Life is beautiful, you are curious where Amelie’s dwarf will be travel next, you laugh with tears until landing or you want to stop Doc Mierzwiak by yourself from not to erase Clementine. Movies are come along with an avalanche of emotions.

Martin Scorsese has a very cool declaration about movies: “Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime; we need to keep them alive.”

Favourite movies – Well, thare are so many of them. I would say only 10, in not that particulary order: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Big fish, Finding Neverland, Kill Bill, Arizona Dreams, Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away, Snatch, Inglourious Basterds, Matrix, Mad Max: Fury Road, Cold Mountain.

Cristina Calin, Vloger

Cristina Călin

There are no so many things to say about me, I am quite a simple person, with ordinary passions, with family and friends, with good and bad and, maybe, with an equally normal line of daily life.

I found myself in so many things, people or moments, but, from all functions that are conferred me, if I want to choose, I will always be Mihnea’s mother.

I enjoy reading a lot (always I am lost in some book, sometimes I even forget to get out the metro). I love Garcia Marquez, the author that has opened my eyes to street magic, and I love Eco, as well, which didn’t let me abort, even I was tempted to do so.

I like to listen music in my handset, especially when I feel the need to withdraw myself from the surrounding world. My playlist is such an old one and somehow perfunctory (I mean Steven, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Bono, Chopin, Damien Rice, Goran and, the newest one, Katey Sagal, are all beside me in my day to day actions).

More than that, I am swimming, I travel and climb on the mountain. But above of all in this world I enjoy the most to invent stories with myself.

I think that, each day, there are two perfect moments, which I am always try to recreate - the first sip of coffee, when your thoughts are just settle down and the night story. It matters what it is between them, from TO DO List, job, responsibility, jokes, until the moment when the pink little pig called Cucumber have reached the moon.

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