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Theater Farewell Dinner (Live)

Theater Farewell Dinner (Live)


Live on stage



Show’s genre:Theatre

Cast: Gheorghe Ifrim, Mihai Calin, Ecaterina Ladin

Real friends are hard to find.

The truest friends are those who stand beside you in your darkest moments and are willing to face the shadows together with you. They are also there in your happiest moments because they are not afraid to see you shine.

For Pierre and Clotilde Lecour, a Parisian couple, long-time friends aren’t what they used to be. Life changes people and everyone evolves in their own way. They realize that they are spending too much time, too many evenings and vacations with people they no longer have anything in common with.


Because of a new trend emerging in the city called “farewell dinner”, created for these types of situations by some really “enlightened” minds, the couple decides to organize such an event for the friends they no longer want to have.

To be precise, in such an event people would offer their guests a multitude of gifts, fine dining, old wines, even from the years their guests were born in, people would relive their most fond memories and moments spent together, so as afterwards not to feel any remorse for never answer their calls again.


Choosing Antoine Royer, one of their longtime friends, for this ridiculous ritual, they do not realize that things might take a turn for the worse. What was meant to be a pleasant night with their friends might rapidly develop into a catastrophe of epic comedic proportions.


In the unique style of authors Alexandre de la Patelliere and Matthieu Delaporte, who have also enchanted us with the witty comedy “Le Prenom”, the characters must face a number of devastating revelations that had been very well kept hidden . The result is as expected : a bundle of amusing and entertaining moments about real friends and how to get rid of them.


Seat reservations will be cancelled 4 days before the show date. Please purchase your tickets until this date in order to avoid loosing your reserved seats.


Not running at cinema!

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