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Your movie goer card, loaded with surprises

Are you passionate about movies? Your cinema experience has just gotten better. With the Grand Entertainment Card, you receive special treatment every time you come to the movies. You get access to exclusive offers and promotions, discounts at various cafés and shops in the mall and a personalized benefits package, according to your level: Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum. In other words, the more you visit us, the more enjoyable we’ll make your stay. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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How to use it

You can order it online or pick it up directly from the Concierge desk in Grand Cinema & More. After activation, it will become your best friend for all your visits at the movie theater. Just show it at the cash desk everytime you pay for something and receive your bonus points.

Make sure your card is activated for Cinema. Ask at the Cinema Concierge desk.

How to get your bonus points

For every 1 leu loaded on your card, you will automatically receive one bonus point. According to the number of points accumulated, you can unlock different benefits for each level you reach: Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

How to unlock different levels

Each member starts from Basic and can accumulate points to unlock the next levels. Once you reach 800 bonus points, you automatically become a Silver member and once you reach 1.600 points, you’re a Gold member.

One year after the registration date, all accounts are reset to first level. The users that will get to Silver or Gold level will start the following year with bonus points, according to Table 1. Furthermore, the ones who finish as Gold members 2 years in a row will get the Platinum status. The Platinum status gives to the card holder all the benefits of a Gold member mentioned in Table 1, but also a Mini Menu / transaction, as long as they accumulate 400 points during 6 months of activity. At the same time, for all Platinum members, the points will not be reseted.

The benefits you have on each level

BENEFITS Basic Silver Gold
100 bonus points upon registering, for completing the optional fields Yes Yes Yes
80 bonus points as a birthday present Yes Yes Yes
Bonus points at the end of the year, after resetting the account 0 200 400
Discounts at partner stores in Băneasa Shopping City* No Yes Yes
Invitations for private sceenings No Yes Yes
10% discount vouchers for Alternative shows No No Yes
Eye-Fi discount** No 10% 15%
Free Premium chairs*** No No Yes
Exclusive members only promotions and competitions Yes Yes Yes

*Discounts at the partner stores in Băneasa Shopping City will be offered as vouchers, which can be picked up from the Concierge Office in Grand Cinema & More by showing your Grand Entertainment Card and your identity card. The discounts and offers provided by the partner stores in Băneasa Shopping City will be available online at, under "My Account".

** The discount is offered based on your Grand Entertainment Card and your identity card.

*** Gold clients will not have to pay the supplement for the Premium chairs, only the price of the standard chair ticket. Upon paying for the tickets, you must show your Grand Entertainment Card and your identity card. This facility is not available when buying the tickets online.

The gifts you receive for your points

You thought that was all? Not even close! Beside the earlier mentioned discounts, you will receive different vouchers as rewards for your bonus points, without them being spent. In other words, you get to keep your gift and all your bonus points as well.

Here is what you receive at each threshold:

160 points One small drink
400 points One small popcorn
640 points One regular ticket
800 points One medium menu (Just for you)
1.200 points One large menu (Romantic)
1.600 points Two regular* tickets or a 50 lei voucher for purchasing tickets for Alternative shows (except for VIP tickets)

*The free tickets offered as gifts are equivalent to standard chair tickets and cannot be used for accesing the Grand VIP Studios or concerts, festivals, opera, ballet and theater shows. Also, they cannot be used for Premieres.

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