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Enter the Grand Entertainment universe

We wanted to create the free time universe. A place where to go not only to see a movie or to play pool with your friends, but a place where all of this and much more would be in the same place.

That’s why we created Grand Entertainment, the universe where fun reinvents itself every time you come to enjoy a movie, to watch a play, go to concerts, play games and attent to many more activities, all under the same roof: Băneasa Shopping City.

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Grand Cinema&More

Is more than just a movie theater. Beside the topnotch movies you’re used to, we are the only ones who have included a special category of shows in our schedule: live plays and internationally broadcasted concerts. That’s because we want to please your inner film, art and music fan.

So come to Grand Cinema&More whenever you want to see the coolest movies played with state of the art audio-video technologies, or come to feast your senses with another type of shows.

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